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Tip:  How to Stay Positive or Increase your Positive Energy

back to view my Money Spells and Love SpellsMany of you have been asking me if there is a good way to be more positive in your thinking, and to remove negative thoughts from affecting your attitude and life in general. As you know, it is extremely important to remain positive in your thoughts, especially if you have had a spell performed for you, since spells always do better if they have positive energy around. When you think positive, you create additional positive energy for your spell, and it helps the spell to perform better and faster. But how can you be positive when your finances are in a shambles, or the love of your life has left you? It's certainly not easy, but it can be done with a small amount of practice.

After months (or years) of experiencing bad things happening in your life, your mind may have fallen victim to simply expecting the worst to happen. You would be cynical and skeptical of most people and things, and often dwell on past mistakes and bad things in your life. Even friends start to disappear from your life. Hopelessness would eventually set in. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you can re-train your thinking with the following exercise:

Each night before bedtime, try to devote 10 minutes of quiet time to yourself with no distractions. During this time, relax and close your eyes, and start visualizing yourself sitting on the shore of a peaceful lake or pond, surrounded by beautiful fields of flowers and rolling hills. Gaze around and you see nature in its exquisite glory. You reach down to the water and splash a few handfuls on your head and face, and let the water drip off you. As the water drips away, it has cleansed away all bad thoughts and replaced them with good. End each 10 minute session by affirming to yourself a statement like, "I am not going to remain in a rut any longer - I deserve to start enjoying life and I will obtain my share of happiness that awaits me." Then get up and look to the majestic clouds and say, "I am ready." Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes each night, and do so for 10 nights in a row.

While this exercise may sound silly, after 10 nights you will have changed the conditioning of your thought process to start thinking of good things once again. We are all born with good thoughts, but many of us become negative with age. This exercise will help you regain a more positive and healthy outlook, which is good for every aspect of your life.

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