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Why do I have to wait 30, 60, or 90 days for my spell to start working?

You may have noticed in my spell descriptions that the spells do not work instantly. That is because there is really no such thing as instant spells... at least not any real instant spells.

Nearly all real spells have incubation periods that last from several weeks to several months, depending on the exact spell. For example, love spells need about 60 days incubation time to develop before becoming effective. This incubation period is the time right after a spell is cast, and it settles in and becomes positioned in your spirit. At this time it starts to make spiritual connections to anyone else that the spell may involved (such as a former lover, or potential source of money.) Just about all real spells have to go through an incubation (waiting) period in order to work correctly, and real spellcasters know this. So if you ever see a spell advertised to be instant or very fast-acting, it would probably be a fake being sold by someone who is out to make a fast sale by selling something that can't possibly work.

Similar to an egg developing into a baby chick, when the incubation period ends, the spell activates and starts working to bring results to you. Results can usually start to be seen anywhere from 7-10 days AFTER the spell completes its incubation and becomes effective.

It's never easy to be patient and wait for something good to happen, especially when things don't seem to be going right in your life, but with spells this is just the way they work. I hope this helps to explain about the waiting times of spell incubations, why it takes a while before spells begin working, and helps you to spot the difference between real and fake spells.
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